dealsdemon's soul playstation3 game atlus for $17.99


Snagged it! Thank you :))

I was staring at this game before it came out, but never got it. Just recently I was seeing advertisements on it going down and down in price. Turns out the multi-player servers are going to go down in March so it will be a solely single-player game soon.


They are actually keeping the online servers up until October due to the large number of people still playing. If you haven't played this game yet, get it now!


Thats great to hear we have 10 months now to play..

N ewegg doesnt price guarantee do they Bought it for 18 one day then it drops to 15 the next =\


Lol it figures they got their stuff together and it shipped already..

There's also a deal on this game from Amazon for $16.99 and a music CD o.O


Awesome title. One of the exclusives that makes me glad to have a PS3. If you're patient, persistent and liked King's Field, this one really pays off.