dealslogitech g710+ mechanical gaming keyboard with…


Cherry MX Browns in this, per the reviews. Nice.


I have this keyboard. It's quite nice. The keys are Cherry MX Browns as has been said. It has white backlit keys and your standard media buttons and volume roller thing. It also has three profiles for the six macro keys on the left. My only complaint is the weird non-detachable orange molding around the macro keys. I've only had it about a week, but I'm enjoy it and getting used to typing on a mechanical keyboard. It's a pretty good price for a backlit mechanical keyboard with the other somewhat less important features. The price is good too, this is what I paid from newegg when I got it on a 'shell shocker.'

It also has a dual USB plug that gives you a passthrough port on the keyboard so you can plug other usb stuff into it without running it to your PC. Probably pretty handy for USB headphones or just charging your phone or something with a short cord.


Not a huge fan of my Razer Black Widow. It isn't bad by any means, but not the change I was hoping for from my Logitech G510. I would like to try this....but that orange key panel annoys me.