dealsjura j6 coffee/espresso center (refurbished) for…


A NINE HUNDRED DOLLAR coffee maker?!?!?


@djp519: it'll likely match the coming 900 downvotes


I would rather just go to Starbucks. And I HATE going to Starbucks.


@djp519: Well, yeah...but it's damn good coffee!


Excluding ingredients, it would take 181 cups of Fivebucks coffee to break even. Including ingredients, it would be even more. Sorry - no deal.


@djp519: I know, right? That price seems too good to be true, but if you look closely you'll see that it's a refurb. That's why it's only $899.99. /s


@djp519: Actually it's a $1,600, but this one is refurbished.

I guess the massive down-votes cause it's so expensive? But it is an amazing deal if your after something like this.


Now I realize the fact I hate coffee makes my judgement a little impaired on the subject, but even if they lost a digit in the price this is still too much for a coffee maker--especially a refurb.


Is this the one that goes in the Fiat 500L?


Granted, it IS an almost $1,000 coffee maker.. I think it is actually a decent deal for what it is. For whatever that's worth :)


Hmmm they should have items like this on a different Woot and call it


Friends have one, and paid regular price, which is much more than this. The coffee that comes out of this machine tastes like real coffee house coffee (not Starbucks, but that cool little nook downtown that real lovers of coffee patron). AWESOME! I hope for a cup every time I go to their house... Not going to help my rep, but this deserves an up vote on principle. It's about deals, not being cheap.


These make the most amazing cup of coffee. My best friend has one and I always look forward to a cup. I'd consider one just for the coffee alone, not even for espresso or cappuccino or any of the other myriad of drinks this machine can make. The coffee this produces is truly that good, but alas, its out of my price range.


Everyone seems to be missing the point here. This has E.S.M. or Energy Save Mode. Does your Mr. Coffee have that? If not this would likely pay for itself within a millennium or so.


I kind of look at this like the Lamborghini of coffee makers; many people would like to own one but, in reality, most people would never really use enough to warrant its cost. I love coffee. I drink it everyday and not cheap stuff either; but even with my local-niche-coffee-shop coffee there is nothing to warrant its cost. Surely I would like to try a cup if anyone is offering but I can think of more productive ways to spend $900.


@drjing: If avoiding paying $900 for a coffiemaker is being 'cheap', I hate to think what your terms of expensive are.


@mbmanaus: No Mr. Coffee here, but my coffee maker does connect to one of these things that serves the same purpose to cut off all the power.

Back to this - I do admit to be quite skewed when it comes to these things. Afterall, I only paid $15 for my Saeco Aroma and $4 for my Bunn My Cafe, new with no box.


I look at it this way. I bought a $800 Rachillo espresso/coffee maker two years ago. I bet I have minimum two to four cups of coffee a day every day plus whatever my associates drink. At a premium coffee house it is going to cost me $2.65 for a medium cup or espresso coffee. At two of those per day you are looking at a little over $5 per day in coffee. Even at three days a week that is still $15.90 per week. With 52 weeks a year I would be looking at a minimum at $826.80 per year just on coffee. To me a $800 espresso machine is a incredible value even when I spend $500 per year on coffee. In little then a year and a third this whole operation was paid for. Great value to me.


I have had my gaggia espresso machine for a little under 6 years. It has already paid for itself 3 times over technically (it has a cup counter on it), but that is not important. What is important is I have always been able to get a great cappuccino whenever I want one, or I could have a group of friends over and get everybody a drink really quickly due to the fully automatic brewing. Things that cost a thousand dollars or so are expensive but people who are smart with their finances and have at-least a half decent job can afford to, on special occasion, get something nice like this. So for anybody who has a passion for espresso drinks, its easy to justify buying when looking at the long term.
Unless you have kids, then you're probably spending most of your money on them.


Go to a coffeehouse and ask them how much they've paid for their brewers and cappuccino and espresso machines. Their answer will certainly not be "we got this for $29.95 from Kohl's". And then watch the effort they put in, even with their specialized machines, in order to make you a cup of espresso, for example. With the grinding and brewing and tamping and whatnot. You're just not going to get the same cuppa from that $29.95 machine from Kohl's. They're not in the same class.

To be clear, I own the equivalent of that $29.95 machine because I'm just not a coffee snob, but you can't compare the two.


Wonder how many people are complaining about the price of the "coffee maker" while entering comments on their $500 iPad, or their $2200 MacBook Pro or their $1500 ultrabook.

A $900 espresso machine may not be for you, but a $500 iPad isn't for me, either.

I'm not an espresso drinker myself, I prefer French Press, but for someone who loves espresso, if they want to spent $900 on this machine, enjoy! Maybe I'll stop by for an Americano.


I guess the point of this device is kind of summed up in the model name, the "Impressa J6". Well, I guess it's a better way to keep up with the Joneses than the old Hummer way. On a side note, for those of you bragging about drinking enough coffee to make this worthwhile, wow...


Out of curiosity though, when they say "Touch Screen", are they referring to the ring of buttons on the front and the knobs on the side? Very curious if the pics or the description are correct on this one.


@masterface7: "Unless you have kids, then you're probably spending most of your money on them.
+1, lol.


And if you do have kids and you want a good cup of coffee all you need is this:

and this:

$43 later you've got a customizable coffee/espresso maker that will save you bundles.