deals$10 off purchases over $50 for new customers


As a Photoshop user, I recognize the badly rotated text in the linked ad anywhere. For some reason, if you add a text layer to a graphic (the large headline), and then rotate it, it rotates every single letter individually instead of rotating the entire line of text. As a result, the baseline under the headline is not straight.

What you have to do to work around this is rasterize the text before rotating - possibly making the text overly large and then shrinking it down to avoid quality loss.


I know it makes business sense for a company to bring in new customers with offers like this. But it bothers me when there's no reward for customer loyalty. I've been buying from Newegg for probably seven or eight years. I guess they just know they don't have to give me stuff to keep me as a customer. Sigh.


@sunnyx0r: Just create an account with a new email address. Problem solved. I think that's why most stores don't block you from creating new accounts over and over with the same physical address to take advantage of new customer offers.

This isn't as bad as the free month of DVD rentals the Netflix streaming users are getting. I have no way to get free DVD rental on my paying account. It's a dis-incentive to stay on it.