deals3 pack~27 led multi use light hook w/ led…


These lights were perfect during the blackout after Hurricane Sandy. They are brighter and batteries lasted longer than my camping lanterns.


The magnetic backs make them handy to mount inside a safe. I have two of them in mine.


I just bought this deal! Look, a lot of people complaine about the 3rd party sellers on newegg but these flashlights are the handiest tools I've used! The little hook on these lights makes them so much more convienient then a normal flashlight and they are bright as heck too!

Doesn't matter to me if the seller ships them media mail (extremely slow) as long as they eventually show up, I'm happy because these lights are worth it!


i'm still without power from Sandy. i bought these same lights from harbor freight 2 days before she made landfall. they've been a lifesaver! in lantern mode, they literally light up an entire room. the magnet is great too! in flashlight mode only the front LEDs light up so i'm preserving battery. i'm wooting via generator at the moment.. sick right? haha


Welcome to the Gulf Coast club. It is no fun, and I don't wish it on anyone (I have been through Alicia and Ike, without power AND water for two weeks both times). Best wishes!


While any LED light is a good idea, these a pretty handy. However, they are $5.99 at my local hardware store.

For out of power types (sorry for your pain!), the ones that look like lanterns and have a crank are not especially bright (no jokes, please!) but never need batteries. I have another lantern style that DOES use D cells and they last for years of intermittent use.


Just to point out a similar (possibly better) deal. Harbor Freight sells that same light in blue for $3.49 ea and this month has a coupon that makes it $2.49 ea. ($7.47 for 3). It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on HF with 71 reviews.

Just in case someone doesn't need / want 3 of these. The coupon is limit 6 per customer. Last month they had a coupon that made them free with any purchase and my brother gave me one because he had so many. I actually like this light because it's so versatile. I have a cree q5 light that's much brighter and a Black and Decker clamp on light that's more rugged but somehow I always grab one of these out of my toolbox because it's so easy and if I break it, who cares?


I bought one of these from another seller, and am ordering these right now!! A great deal, as I paid $4.99 for one. These are bright, bright, bright! I keep one in my car, for emergencies, and have had to use it several times. I like that it has a hook AND a magnet, very useful. Definitely recommend this handy light!! :o)


Harbor Freight has these (looks like the same thing) for about $3. I like using the hook to hang it from my shirt collar and shine the light in front of me. If you tuck it inside your shirt, you can pretend you're Tony Stark (pretty cheap Halloween costume).


I was read to pull the trigger and checked my HF coupons, sure enough they have it for $2.49 and includes batteries, since a store is close I will get that. If not for that I would order it here. I have had one for several years with the batteries it came with and it is one of the handiest lights ever.


@wootguy12: Not only that, but the coupon only took $1.00 off of ONE. Three cost $9.47, not $7.47. Weird.


Newegg will save you a few bucks in gas....though since I have a Harbor Freight within reasonable range....this light is the BEST bang for the buck ever!

I use mine every big troubel lights in the garage are jealous...and unused...