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Sorry - I won't shop anywhere that makes me create an account before I can browse their products.


@dvshrt: It's stated in the description. Thanks (and yawn).


Perhaps some day retailers and other sites will become savy enough to understand people are tired of buying from sites that require your email to even enter.

Doubt it though.


@mtm2: LoL. How about people who want to get stuff become resourceful and savvy enough to have a shopping email address?

Fab is extremely successful right now, I don't see any reason for them to change at all, and wish they won't.


@lll0228: Besides my not being able to spell tonight, I see that, from comments on deals.woot, the wooters agree with me.


Maybe it's lazy of me but I have to agree. I can't even VIEW a website without putting in an email? Naa, that's OK. I'll look at someone else's deals. There's no shortage of them on the internet and most of them let me see the deals before I purchase. Makes me think your deals probably aren't that great and you're just trying to get a bunch of email address so you can sell them to places that spam addresses.


@dvshrt: there are a lot of sites like that require you to login first, and i have accounts for about five of them. they aren't bad at all -- i order a lot of shirts and accessories from jackthreads (one of those 'create an account first' sites) and they have amazing deals on a lot of good brands (some new ones, too). just want to let you guys know that those kind of online stores can really be worth shopping at, even though it is kind of annoying that you have to give them personal information before you can browse their items


if you don't want to give away personal information but just want to take a quick peek, just click 'sign up' and type in some random e-mail address (literally anything with an '@' and a '.', like woot@woot.woot), and create a password. it takes you to the store right away.

for example, i just created an account with '' and password 'lkj'. feel free to use it if you don't want to create your own


@mtm2: LoL. Those who are already shopping don't bother to agree with you here. They have already clicked through and get the deals. 3 millions of them disagree with you.

I only post these to show what's available there. Comment on the deal, if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, be my guest. Please let us know.


@njdmmoe: Not at all. Sell emails? I have better things to do.

If you can find the items I have listed cheaper elsewhere, then these are not good deals. But you can't, then...well, you know. You just made an unsubstantiated point. And by all means, PLEASE go look at other deals. :)


@lll0228: Are you going to sit on Woot! all night and defend every negative comment? If you don't care about our opinion don't take it so personally. If you don't like that we don't bother with a website that makes us log in 1st, change it. If you don't like the perception that some of us have about the email policy, change it.


Actually ya know what? Why are we even fighting over this. The other poster was right. I created a fake account to go in and look around. I like the site, looks nice. I'll just keep creating fake emails when I feel like going in until I see something I want to buy, then I'll make an account.


@njdmmoe: I think he sits on woot all night every night. he's posted dozens of deals in the last 2 weeks.


@lll0228: Not having to jump through hoops before I can browse a website is just a personal choice I make. Much like you staying up all night making a complete a$$ of yourself.