dealsamazon appstore matching android market prices…


I was wondering if they'd do this.

Personally, I'd much rather buy directly from the "real" Android Market.


There have been a couple of apps so far (none today, though) that the Android Market won't allow me to purchase because they are "incompatible with my device". I'd like to go ahead and buy them while they're cheap and use them on a future device (hopefully a Galaxy Nexus, if they ever release it).

The Amazon App Store doesn't have any such restrictions and will allow me to purchase any app I want.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't carry all of the apps, including the one I missed yesterday, NFL Rivals.

Also worth noting: the article states that Amazon "maintaining those prices for an extended amount of time," but that is no longer the case.

The only $0.10 apps on Amazon right now are the same 10 that Google is featuring today. Bummer.


Amazon is very slow at releasing updates (i.e. - still haven't released the Cut The Rope update that was released 2 weeks ago) so I would rather get these from Android Marketplace.


@anotherhiggins: By the by, if you've a hacked Nook Color or similar device, you can change the identifier for that device, and it'll show up in the Android market ( where you can purchase it. I had several incompatible apps that I purchased using this method, knowing I'll at some point in the future have a device that'll work with it.


@kingu: I have a rooted HTC Incredible.

I think I could edit the build.prop file, but I'm not sure what I'd change it to.


I want to down vote this because who wants to install the Amazon app to install other apps? I have it myself but I'm slowly transitioning away from it.
There are RARELY ever any updates either. Dumb if you ask me.
But I won't down vote.. nor will I up vote. :)


The URL below should find all the 10c deals if it isn't mangled too much. Not as many as the android store...

(Wow. One of the apps actually disappeared during the 10 minutes it took me to work out how to avoid getting the URL mangled by woot...)


Hey, this is nice for my kindle fire. Thanks!


@gtoal: Tetris for 10 cents? Yes please.


I'm seeing 4 apps for $.10....


Glad I picked a couple up earlier because they are gone now at the .10 price point.


Not sure why everybody is talking about the "real" Android market. The beauty of Android is the fact that it is open, and that Amazon can have its own market and offer a free app of the day, and SlideMe and a variety of others can have their own too. If you don't take advantage of this fact and limit yourself to only the Google Android Market, you are giving up one of the single biggest advantages of the Android platform, basically turning your Android device into an iOS device as far as limitations on installing apps. Also, some really solid apps and games have started as Amazon exclusives for Android (Plants vs. Zombies comes to mind). My $.02


@idiotwind13: "Also, some really solid apps and games have started as Amazon exclusives for Android (Plants vs. Zombies comes to mind). My $.02"

Well, give us your opinion 4 more times so I can buy and app :)

I have to agree with the Amazon App Store slow updates...Ridiculously slow. I only have that on my phone for the free app/day deal. If I have a choice I'll always buy from the Android Market due to the seamless integration with my devices.

We still got 9 more days of these as they said that they were doing this next week as well, right?


SWEET!!! This will let me work around and let buy some of the apps Google won't let me buy because of compatibility issues some of the times.
For example, Google will not let me have GasBuddy, but Amazon will let me have it. It runs perfectly.
Crossing my fingers for Tetris


The beauty of Amazon market is twofold.

First, if you've got a device that Google won't let on their market, Amazon will. (ie. gTablet, before it's modded)

Second, Google likes to tell you that a lot of apps are incompatible when they are not. Time and again I have sideloaded "incompatible" apps and they work just fine on every device. Sometimes Amazon will make a claim that an app is incompatible and they'll warn you, but from the web site, you can still buy it and then download it to your device to see if it really works or not. (Sometimes not, but you have to try it yourself to really believe an incompatible claim these days.)

Third, there was a deal posted on woot a while back for a $2 credit for the Amazon app store and I haven't spent it yet.

The downside is that I only see five apps for $.10 right now, and when I first saw this article before it was on woot, there were also only about five, though some were different.


@klacour: Well, maybe my 10 cents.

That one is for all the binary speakers in the room.


I agree with you, i also prefer to buy directly from the Market, however, there is another but, if you have a Kindle Fire, you can ONLY buy from the Amazon Appstore, so this is a great opportunity for those that have the Fire tablet.


I like to buy on the amazon market because I can load up my login info on all of my family's devices and get all the free apps of the on their devices without having to plug in my Google account and messing their phones up.


Also, Google market remembers your device, but Amazon market remembers your apps. You get a new device and all your apps are there from Amazon. From Google, you have to go searching for them again.