dealsstaples - $5 off $30 printable coupon - exp 7/14


Thanks for this ..... good timing as I am heading to Staples today to buy a new bookshelf. $5 off is an unexpected surprise! Thanks again.


Perfect timing for new ink!


@durans: As long as it isnt HP ink and toner or Epson® ink and toner


Just and FYI I took this coupon to Staples today and they would not accept it. It needs a coupon code which does not show on the web page when looking at it or the coupon after it is printed.


@rcburson: That is odd because I just used mine yesterday. I had originally gone to the store last week, but the bookshelf I wanted was out of stock. It was on re-order, though, and they called me yesterday morning to advise it was back in. I went yesterday after work, and the coupon was not an issue whatsoever. The girl at the register looked at it for a second (I don't recall if she scanned it or entered it manually) and then told me to swipe my credit card. My receipt shows the $5 coupon. So, I'm not sure why it didn't work for you. Maybe try a different store? The coupon is good until the 14th.