dealsgeorge foreman 36 square inch grill, black, primeā€¦


How can I not vote up the one up? Nice find!


Great for cooking 36 square inches of bacon at a time!


These are great for dorm rooms and other limited-cooking-facility situations, but bear in mind just how small 36 square inches is. 6"x6", or 9"x4"? Not sure if they mean /sliders/ when they say two hamburgers will fit on that.

Also are a pain in the ass to keep clean with the fixed plates (even using the damp paper towel trick)... ended up giving up on mine and sprung for one of the models with removable (and dishwasher-safe) plates.
Don't think I can go back... twenty minutes of scrubbing after each use, versus just dropping them in with the dirty dishes? EASILY worth the extra $20, not even counting the extra grilling space.


@talesin: I agree. This one has a pretty small grilling surface. It's pretty good for one person (if you don't eat a lot). Also, the fixed plates really are a PITA to clean. You have to try to fit the whole thing in the sink to clean it, without getting the cord or elements wet. If you're buying something this small it's probably to fit in a small space, and you don't have much room or inclination for lugging the whole thing around to wash it.

Save yourself a hassle and buy a larger size with removable plates.