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So there's 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, and digital. What's the 5th disc?


YIKES!!! A DISNEY Blu-ray 3D disc for $12.90??? At first, I thought this had to be a typo and was too good to be true. Went to the site and sure enough, it was true. Then I got greedy, hoping there were others in the series that were also 3D on sale, but it seems this is the only 3D "Pirates" disc.

Thanks very much for the heads-up on this great buy and price, herbertwk4 - much appreciated!


So I just have to warn everyone before buying this (or any Disney BD). After a few plays, it may stop working on your BD player due to Disney DRM. This was the first Disney disc I had an issue with. After going back and forth with their 'help' dept it basically comes down to the fact that after a few plays, it won't play anymore on some BD players, especially older ones. Unfortunately the manufacturers do not release firmware updates for eternity, so you may be stuck with a coaster. Disney drops the ball again.


@nhewey: A Blu-Ray "special features" disc.



I read quite a few reviews about this "final" installment before I bought it, and they all pretty much said it was as good as the first one (IMHO, still the best.) However, I don't let reviews influence my buying decisions completely, but I do take them into account. And on Amazon and a few other sites, EVERYTHING seems to be wonderful, have a great review and is absolutely worth having (or adding to one's collection), which is totally ridiculous.

For $12.90 (I try not to spend more than $14.99 to $19.99 for all of my Blu-ray 3D discs and usually succeed), I figured it's worth checking out. If not to my liking, I can always resell it and get at least what I paid for it. No harm, no foul. Or rubbish.


If someone buys and doesn't want the BR disk of the movie (non-3D), please PM me (for a few bucks, of course). I'm all over the wine boards for my little envelope.


I'll never understand why the Interwebs thumbs down certain responses. Hope you all buy it and it stops working.