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Oi Vey.....these movies look pretty bad


@reatardfan: PROJECT A parts I and II are a couple of the classic Chan movies that made him an international star by doing his own insane stunts. Really fun (if you're a fan).

What's painful though is that these are all dubbed into English :(
Thanks for the memories, Harvey Weinstein!


Jackie Chan has always been Great China chauvinist...
He made some good movies and also some good money from "corrupt America". This particular collection is not the best set of his movies.


no rumble in the bronx, no buy


@drgambit: He's not wrong about America being corrupt, he doesn't realize or want to admit that China is just as creepy and corrupt in their own way.

They control their populations by only allowing households to have one child, and because they view girls as the lesser sex, there are fewer families raising daughters. Most girls are either put up for adoption or aborted as fetuses.

They're becoming over-populated with men, and because there are fewer women for them to meet, there are basically entire districts of major cities devoted to hookers.

They intend to build the ultimate sex robot to compensate for the lack of women and control testosterone levels so they don't have boner riots.

So sure Jackie, We may be corrupt, screw over our citizens, tax them to hell, kill innocent civilians daily with missiles from the sky with unmanned aircrafts, but at least we have the decency to try and shield it from the public and distract them with TV and fast food.

That said I'm a big fan.


I've got this disc. The movies themselves are good, but don't go in expecting clear remastered visuals or sound.


Beauty of America and her corruption, you can certainly speak out against it and voice your opinion. Not quite so sure that you can get away with that in Chan's homeland. Don't think we are so blind to think there is no corruption here, just less likely to spend your life in prison or die due to your opposition to it.

Update: Forgot to mention, still a fan of his (sometimes cheesy, sometimes not so good, flicks), just probably won't go for this deal.


@theroninpink: repped just for the sheer hilarity of the image of a "boner riot"!

Asaide to Jackie: Don't talk to about the corruption of America while there is still blood on the cobblestones of Tiananmen.