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Because it's bigger than a Zip-Drive.


I've owned this NAS for about 15 months now. It has always given me issues with maintaining a connection and will often (several times a week) require I put in my user/password for every folder. Firmware updates failed to solve the problem over 15 months. The transfer speed is also extremely slow, on average 5-6 MB/s connected directly to my laptop with a 10/100/1000 connection and Cat6 cable. I actually contacted Iomega on Dec 27 2010 with regards to the slow speed and they said there was nothing they could do. Sad. I had to hook up my 200gb external that hasn't been turned on since I bought the Iomega to backup 180gb of data. Thank God I had a 200gb external.

0-10 (10 best)

Speed - 3
Build quality - 8
Features - 5
Ease of setup - 7
Ease of use - 5
Frustration level - 1

Recommend to a friend: No


I've had this drive for 12 months now. It is what it is: A cheap NAS drive for serving media.

Yes, transfer speeds are a bit on the slow side (I usually get 9.7 - 10.3 mb/s on my Gigabit switch), but it will stream to multiple devices (I use "WDTV Live"s) without problem.

I also use it to perform daily backups on 2 machines, and it works fine for that as well.


@oldcqr: Are you able to perform daily backups via a wired connection only or wireless as well? If wireless, how?


DON'T buy this. I bought this exact machine from woot a month or so ago, the product didn't work, and both woot and Iomega claimed that I did have a warranty, but both said the warranty was the other companies responsibility. After about a week of constant emails and phone calls, my only option was to ship it back to woot for a refund, and I had to eat the shipping both ways. You might happen to get one that works, but I wouldn't take the risk.


@jordantwilson: Sorry to hear that. If you are sent a product that is not 100% free from defects or you are not completely satisfied for any reason. You may return it to us for an exchange or full refund. If needed please contact with any further questions.

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I'd never really considered the benefits of a network drive before, so when this model popped up on Woot! a little while back it really got me thinking. I did some research and now a network drive is going to be the next tech hardware I purchase, but I also discovered this specific model is not at all the solution. Check out the negative reviews at Amazon and elsewhere. In addition, the price makes it obvious this is a worse-than-bargain-basement option. What's on my wish list is the LG N1T1 1TB network drive, which has much better reviews, a built in DVD backup and writer, and at twice the price of this is still near the bottom of the market's range. I think I'll post a deal on that, actually.


@jpers36: I wonder what the transfer speed is on that?


@bad311: Yes, I back up both wired and wireless computers on to it. I don't use the included software however.

In any event, I don't think it should matter. Once you have the folders mapped as network drives on the machine in question, it should be as simple as pointing your backup program to use that drive. Setting a static IP helps.

@everyone else: If you read through a lot of the bad Amazon reviews, they fall into 4 categories: It doesn't work with MAC (it does after you update the firmware), the software included stinks (the backup software is horrible, I'll give them that), the drive dies after x months (why aren't you BACKING up your important data?), print server doesn't work (would make me angry if I wanted to use it, too).

However if you take it for what it is, A cheap home media server, for $75 you can't go wrong.


@bad311 I've posted the deal here:

I'll post links on that page to any performance metrics I can find, so as not to clutter up this thread any more.


dead... I sat on it for a few hours until I could purchase it. Now that I can, it's gone... My luck sucks!


@jcfl1684 Just went to the link and it is not dead. Try again!


i can use in my tivopremiere?? like save movies or record my program


Thanks for the reviews, guys. Kinda sucks, I was looking for a hard drive that has remote access.

Dangit. Looks like my other option is to use an old laptop with a couple externals as a "server" for the time being.


Wow, what a piece of crap.....

I already have one of these, and wanted another for a spare. I realize that refurb does not equal new (and let me tell you, I buy a lot of refurb stuff). Let's also forget that it took the site nearly a week before they gave it to UPS.

Out of the box (I haven't even tested if it works yet):
1 - The whole thing smells like an ashtray
2 - The network cable is about 5 years old, used, with broken ends all wadded up (and it's only Cat 5, not 5e so there is no way it will work at gigabit speeds like this drive can)
3 - The power adapter is the wrong type
4 - The stand is missing

This 'retailer' will not get another dime from me.


@oldcqr: I take back #4, I see now in the description it's not included.


It's obvious that Ben's threw in a bunch of unrelated parts in the box.
The power supply that came with mine said it was for a CCD-camera (12v@2a) but all 12v/2A power supplies are not equal.

Spent a day working everything I know to get it to detect the drive with no luck and strange results. Blinking red and Blue lights

This drive is a power hungry beast and needs a good strong supply to spin it up. I replaced the supplied unit with a old analog unit from another old external drive and now it at least recognizes the drive. I think it still needs more power. If you have problems, this may be the answer. Be sure to watch the voltage polarity if you try this at home.
The new supply also quiets it down which tells me it wasn't getting all the current it needed with the other one.


@spanky: As I feared, mine doesn't work either: flashing Red/White (which indicates there is no OS installed on the drive). I boxed mine up and sent them an eMail. In the end I have a feeling I'll have to ask my CC company for a charge-back.


@oldcqr: Try a better power supply if you have one. I replaced it with one of the same specifications (12V/2A) but was much larger in physical size. My unit is up and running now. Looks like that was the problem. Good luck.