dealssony str-dh720 7.1-channel 3d a/v receiver (new…


I am entirely ignorant about these devices so forgive me. But why, after so many years, are they still so gigantic?


@mortar235: Yes, most receivers are this larger type format. The primary reason for this is to allow space for all the connectors on the back. Theoretically they could do what LED-LCD tv's do and make the connectors smaller by having adapters/converters, but that approach isn't really cost affective when the primary reason for buying a receiver is for good output, not the size of the unit.


Good sound requires good transformers. Good transformers are not small or light.


Note, at 17 lbs shipping weight, this unit does not have good transformers. AVSForum indicates quite a bit of THD as you crank the volume, and when using full range speakers you cannot adjust bass levels being pumped to each individual speaker and the sub. You can only adjust that when the speakers are all set to small.


I would guess a lot of the size has to do with heat dissipation. I don't know of other types of home electronics that have the entire top of the unit as a vent grill, but that seems common in receivers. If you miniaturized it, the components would melt each other.


Yes, if you opened up any modern receiver, you'll find a huge heat sink, almost as tall ast the unit and several inches wide, attached to the power transistors. That sort of thing is tough to miniaturize, especially if you don't want fans muddying up your good audio sound.


Thanks, but I'll pass. At this price, a receiver should have some other features like network connectivity, internet radio, AirPlay, etc.


Does this have Phono input? I don't see it listed.


@roddgrady: Very few receivers in this price range do. But a phono pre-amp is not expensive (About $15 on eBay). Or many modern turntables also have a line-level output.