dealsfree dietpoint yearly premium membership (today…


It took me a while (and an email to support) to figure it out. To get the 1 year premium account you must:
1- Install the app in you iOs device.
2- In the DietPoint app, go to Profile in the right hand corner.
3- Press "Online" at the top center, and signup for a DietPoint account (email, password, user name).
4- After signing up, the app will take you to "Physical" (to left) section of your Profile.
5- Press "Online" again. You will note that in your Details, next to Premium it will say "No". Scroll down the window until you see a button that says "upgrade to premium". Press it, and you will see an option for 1 year premium account. Take that option and the app will confirm your premium account.

Hope this makes sense, and you find it useful.


hmm.. is this an automatic renewal service?