dealsdust destroyer duster 7oz., 2/pack | ® for $5.99…


This was only $3.29 a two pack on Feb. 12th so the price is headed in the wrong direction.


@casey00001: Yes - but this is free shipping. I don't believe the other was.


@casey00001: its also still a good price compared to others.

I finally stopped buying compressed air in favor of a MetroVac ED500 Electric air great and at $60 it pays for itself quickly.


Price was $3.29 + free in store pickup last week...It appears the price has gone up.


It still feels like I'm walking on sunshine.


@justafreak: Thank you for the recommendation, I think I'm going to try buying the electronic one too.


When it was cheaper the other week I went to the store without doing in-store-pickup but told them it was "three something" online so they gave it to me for $3.00


Purchased six sets for the office last week. A week later, still waiting for them to be delivered to the store. Delivery date was supposed to be 2/13. Not a happy camper!