dealsburger king buy one get one free chicken sandwich


I clicked on this and there is NO DEAL!!!!!!


Really good deal, but I dont see the deal on the Fresh Offers tab so it might be YMMV


@neatstuff1: Still works for me. Are you using Flash Block or AdBlock?

EDIT: or try this link:


So, I'm assuming this means no coupon is required? We just show up and, if the location participates in this offer, they will simply honor it?


@bigellow: No coupon required. I saw a commercial for this on TV this afternoon.


Burger King does this from time to time. It'll usually say on their marquee "buy one get one". I do love this chicken sandwich.


Love These Sandwiches! But my wife is gonna kill me, they give me the absolute worst gas!


That Italian chicken sandwich is new --at least to this area--and I've been going to try it. I think I'll trreat my friend to lunch tomorrow : )
I go there pretty often anyway; I'm addicted to their Coke Icee


no coupon for this activity? it is great


Upon review of the site the page was found stating for a limited time the BOGO offer is available. With confidence, I'd go to any BK and plan on this deal.


Both sandwiches are overpriced...


People are right in that this BOGO does not need a coupon, though for some places (like the BK I work at) you do need to specify that you want to use the BOGO chicken sandwiches promotion.

A few reminders for customers just to make everybody's life (well, mainly mine) easier:

The BOGO does not work for the Original chicken sandwich meal.

If you want to add cheese/bacon/tomato/whatever it'll cost extra so please don't add all that stuff and then complain about the price.

You can do a mix/match thing with the different chicken sandwiches, lesser price one is free.

Sometimes a store will run out of either the bun or the chicken patty itself so please don't be mean if the store is sold out.

Just b/c you saw the ad on TV does not mean the promotion has started for certain areas.


@xiaxing: "The BOGO does not work for the Original chicken sandwich meal."

When you click on the "fresh offers" link, there is a picture with the text "Buy one get one free" and it shows 3 chicken sandwiches (Philly, Italian, and original).


@xiaxing: Thanks for the info. Sorry that, uhm, well, that you work at uh, well, nevermind. Still thanks for the info.


I just showed up at the drive through, they asked me if i wanted two for one. worked great.


@superninja: I think it means that you can't get 2 value meals for the price of one; just the sandwiches are BOGO


Then the word "original" shouldn't be in there.


I tried the Philly and the Italian today.

The Philly wasn't bad, but not that great either.
The Italian was decent.

The original is still the best.


@superninja: I'm not sure I follow. Why would the word "original" need to be removed when, in fact, you can get the Original Chicken Sandwich in the BOGO offer?

I think the key distinction has nothing to do with "original" or one of the non-originals. It has to do with whether it's just the sandwich, or the whole meal. If you get a meal, you can't get a meal free with the BOGO offer. You can, however, get a sandwich free, including the original one.


These are pretty overpriced, but might be ok at the sale price.


Haven't been to BK in what's the price of a chicken sandwich?


@superninja: I'm also not quite sure what you mean so forgive me if i misinterpret your post. What I meant is that the promotion does not work if you get the combo meal. Like @superllama7 and @bigellow state, the promotion only works for the sandwiches themselves. Customers do try to order the original chicken sandwich combo meal and then order another chicken sandwich by itself and expect that to be free which we tell them that we can't do.

To be clear, the BOGO doesn't work for combo meals at all -at least at my store.


@Superninja Also I used the word "original" because the official name of that particular chicken sandwich/meal (the long oval shape one) is called "original chicken sandwich" but is typically shorten to chicken sandwich by the staff and most regular customers. This can get actually be a contentious point to some customers (i.e, the mean ones) who say "I want a chicken sandwich meal" and when we hand them the original chicken sandwich they're like "No! No! No! I wanted the other one!" at which they mean the spicy chicken crisp or the Tendercrisp.

Actually, your post reminded me of when we had the "Buy any Whopper get an "Original Whopper for 55 cents". One customer did try to argue why he couldn't get a California Whopper for 55 cents and he got quite mad when we said it's because it's not consider an "original" Whopper, but a specialty.