dealstoys "r" us: buy 1 lego set, get 50% off 2nd


FYI: This only applies to certain product lines (the ugly ones)


@xaffliction: Yeah, Star Wars Legos do not qualify :(


@xaffliction: I am sure they are all beautiful on the inside!


No TECHNIC either. Only crappy lego stuff that no one wants is on sale.


not on harry potter either. its only bionicle, atlantis, prince of persia, racers construction, and hero factory


Love Legos... and call me crazy, I can use Legos to make whatever I want, not just what is pictured on the box...


Plus, an overall of 25% off Legos at Toys 'R Us is like paying normal price at Walmart, Target, or any other large retailer.


@tarasadies: These days it's hard to make "whatever you want" out of the Legos, because the generic sets of pieces are next to extinct. Everything is a movie tie-in or other series, and includes nothing but specialized parts and minifigs of licensed characters.

You can't make a sweet airplane out of the parts of Hogwart's castle.


@metanoia29: Yeah, it's not a great sale, but I wouldn't say it's "like paying normal price." They mark them up, but only more like 10%. Take set 7569--$11.99 ($8.99 at 25% off) from Toys "R" Us, $10.97 from WalMart.

@korpo53: I don't really know where people get the idea that Lego was so perfect and versatile when they were kids and that it's gone downhill now. Sets have had weird, specific pieces for decades (at least since the 70s), and clever people still make new, amazing things out of them.


@fredwallace18: Some are marked up way more than 10%. It depends on the set. Worst case recent example were the hard to find "Minifigures Series 2". Lego's MSP was $2 per figure and sold them for this price on the Toys R Us marked them $5 each everyday and then featured them in a 50% off sale one week. Great bargain, huh? (Fail!)


@dostone: actually, the minifigs from the current series are $3.99 at the lego company store. It's why the custom create your own minfig in their store for 3/$9.99 is a deal

anyone looking for traditional generic "bricks & plates" is best served buying used on ebay or craigslist, where many people are selling lots of 10pounds or more for very reasonable prices. ALSO, find a lego store... they have bulk bins in the back where you can fill a small or large cup of whichever pieces you want for $7.99/$14.99. Occasionally, there are really great deals there on smaller pieces you may be looking for, like 1x1 rounds, fences, windows/transparents, 2x2 smooths, wheels, and even your traditional 1/2x1/2/3/4 or even 1x8 bricks.