dealsultra soft 50" x 60" fleece blankets - perfect…


Great deal! I am a total sucker for these things, and you're right about their being good for donating to a shelter for abused women or for homeless people.


Anyone actually try these things out? I've purchased Fleece Blankets at this price before in the past and they were abrasive like sand paper. No matter how much I washed them they ended up being tossed out or used outside then tossed out after it was dirty.


@decyde: The title says "Ultra Soft", but the price says sandpaper so it may be a roll of the dice...


@lemonbutt: I just bought 4 for $17.96 + free shipping don't get to pick the color and I just got a dog who needs a blanket for her cage. I'm going to keep one of them for my dog and donate the other 3 to the local homeless shelter. It's great to have a lifestyle where we're concerned about whether fleece is rough or ultra-soft, but don't forget there are less fortunate people concerned with just staying warm.


@lemonbutt: Yes but remember the site is a deal of the day and are sold at steep discounts. So the "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply as well on these sites.