deals7" google nexus for $179.99 w/ free shipping!


they changed the price from 190 to 180. not too bad


They lie on the listing. A brand new Nexus 7 16GB is $199.99 from Google Play.
The 32GB is $249.99. They're trying to make this sound like a better deal than it is.


I have a "refurbished" 1987 Chevette. Sale price of $3,600, which provides a huge discount over the original manufacturer's retail price of $4,995. Email @1crappysaleaday - dotcom.


I see an old guy trucking down the interstate every now and then in an old 80's Chevette. It always makes me smile. And wonder how the heck that thing is still kickin'.


It is kind of scammy to use the "original" Nexus 7 debut price from last year (when the now vanished 8GB model cost $200 and the 16GB did indeed cost $250), but I don't see too many sales on the 16GB version these days - unlike the pricier 32GB version that's on sale frequently.

So... if you're willing to cross your fingers on that 90 day warranty, it's not terrible as a low threshold way to get a Nexus 7. 1saleaday does honor orders and deliver (if slowly), in my experience.


No slots for external memory.
Just keep that in mind.


With a $0.58 usb adapter you can connect any USB flash drive, keyboard, gaming controller, or digital camera to your Nexus... A memory slot is nice but I don't have an issue with using my 64gb thumb drive for additional space. The adapter is like 3 inches long and easy to use. You have to root the Nexus to load USB firmware (Stickmount)


with the Nexus Media Importer app you don't have to root anything to play things off a flash drive on the Nexus.