dealsgame console flash sale (pre-owned) for $39.99…


today deal Wii for 39.99

What's not included?
Wii Console Stand
Wii Stand Plate
Wii Remote
Remote Strap
Sensor Bar
Sensor Bar Stand
Wii AC Adapter
AC Power Cord
Wii AV Cable
Jelly Remote Cover
Remote Batteries (AA)
Wii Manual(s)


the missing parts are normally pretty cheap for 3rd party junk on amazon. av/power cables run less than 5 bucks. the remotes/controllers are normally the killer here. a 360 controller will still run 30 bucks and the 3rd party ones break really fast (if they work at all).

70 bucks for an xbox360 is not bad, add in 10 bucks for the plugs and 25 for a controller and you are still talking only 105. better than you normally can do elsewhere.

you really need to pay atention to what is included since it does make or break some of the offers.


@alexanderluthor: Every one is different. You just picked the worst you could find. Many have those items, many do not. Just go to the next one if you do not like that one. It is a FLASH sale. ONE AT A TIME. EACH UNIQUE.


@alexanderluthor: This is the 1st I saw.

What's in the box?
Xbox 360 Core Console with HDMI
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Controller Battery Cover
AC Adapter / Power Supply
Hard Drive Cover
AC Power Cord
AC Power Adapter
Tamper-Proof Seal (Intact)

What's not included?
AV Cables
Owners Manual