dealsocz sata 3 128 gb ssd + 4gb flash drive for $109…


is this for real?
Site says $129.
Most of the reviews say it dies real quick.
Anyone have any experience?
I was thinking about spending around this much on a 64gb.. so if someone can vouch for this.. sold.


OCZ has some descent customer service. They will have no issues sending you a replacement, if it dies within 3 years.

Space and performance per $ on this is some of the best I have seen.


I don't have a solid grasp of the differences.
There are 2 deals linked today for 128's besides this one for OCZ's.
One is the OCZ Agility 3 from Compusa for 149.99:

The other is linked below, the OCZ Vertex 3 for also $149.00. I know the Vertex ix arguably better as it is Synchronous. "Anything with Synchronous or Toggle mode NAND is faster with both incompressible data and compressible data."