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Buying new printers is cheaper than buying ink for the printer you already have. Consumerism at its finest.


If this were a LaserJet and not an Inkjet, I would be all over this.


Bought this printer during black friday last year. It works well, and ink can be had on the cheap. I don't see it mentioned above, and BestBuy is hiding it way down in the specs, but this is a full duplex printer. (i.e. it can print on both sides of the paper by itself) It can also print borderless, no white edges. For some reason BestBuy also mentions wired networking & bluetooth down in the specs, but this printer is USB & wi-fi only


@iwichongiwi: It can seem so, but I think that is a trap many people fall into. Since you never get a full length cartridge with a new printer it is still more cost effective, almost always, to replace the cartridge. The difference is especially stark with laser where the printers come with cartridges rated at only 100-200 pages sometimes, when the replacement may last 6,000. Not to mention it is more environmentally responsible.


I bought this recently at Staples when it was slightly more expensive (about $60 as I recall). It's been great. And 3rd party ink can be purchased for about $4 per cartridge (when you buy the 10-packs) on amazon. A great deal for a duplex printer!

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Just bought this. The Ink is HALF the cost of HP. Front-load cartridges is VERY nice. There is no external power-supply box to deal with; just the cord. It's quite small compared to the photosmart its replacing. There is a REAL tray for paper loading (like higher-end office printers). It has a really nice linux install script that downloads and configures everything. It duplexes without having that large thing sticking out the back. WAY more options to set up network. Draws less power in sleep mode (only 1 watt!). The ink is not immersed in foam like the HP. it stays in its container, and the printer draws it in when needed. FINALLY: the print head is NOT part of the ink cartridge, unlike HP, so it should support a continuous ink system if you wanted to go that route. Finally - prints just fine.


It costs $59.99 plus tax, not $49.99