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@guysana: Do you work for

Here are the unofficial rules and FAQ:

This one:

Can I post deals for my own store or website?

Simply put, yes you can. If you are going to post deals for a company you own or work for, you must abide by the following. Your username must identify you as an employee of the store for which you are posting a deal (should contain the stores name). Also, you should limit the number of posts per day to only one or two items. While you are allowed to posts deals, we do not need your entire inventory listed. If your company is deemed suspicious or non reputable, you may be blacklisted and/or shunned by the community.


@questionsanswered: No - I work as a Lifeguard (in season) and as a safety content writer and editor @ www.Safety,com - They are a sponsor of, and I buy a lot of stuff in their sales, though. I'll watch out for not posting too many deals from a single site, though - thanks, I guess I got a little excited when I learned about Woot! and knew there were great deals there to post.


@guysana: Thanks for sharing . They have some very good deals that I picked up .


@kevstrucks: You are welcome! Glad to be of service.