deals6-pack original flame retardant sky lanterns deal…


You'll burn your park down, kid!


The flame burns out before they return to earth. However, they do eventually return to earth, so you're essentially littering if you use these.

That being said, I love these things, and it's a good price, even with the $4.99 shipping per 6-pack.


They're 100% biodegradable so the littering aspect is debatable. I'm fairly certain that it doesn't count.


@jjj611: Biodegradability is not the metric or criteria for littering. Many things are biodegradable, like paper and food, and they're all considered littering.


@first2summit: I guess I will have to cut down my peach tree before the peaches ripen so it doesn't litter. Some of the worst littler is water bottles, they have created islands in the ocean made of them, that is why biodegradable is thousands to millions of times less invasive.


The flame burns out before it drops back to earth, yes, but there's no promise that it will not be blown to a tree while still floating, and set the tree on fire.


@laidbackoh: The water bottle is relativist argument and the peach one is just silly. You can't make a bad less bad by comparing it to something grotesquely worse. It's a facile argument at best.


Bought a pack of these last year, was about to launch one off in the pacific palisades near los angeles, decided I didn't want to be "that guy" that set the hills on fire.

Please launch them at the beach or away from trees!


@iari: At a friend's birthday party we set out lanterns. I didn't think it was a super idea, but one of them got caught in a tree on the way up. Thankfully nothing caught fire, but it was definitely on my mind.


"Some of the worst littler is water bottles, they have created islands in the ocean"

Better check your facts before blindly believing and repeating propaganda.


@mdctreeguy: you can read about plastic islands here and elsewhere. The source of material probably includes plastic bottles but most of the material has degraded by the time it reaches the gyre


Can we agree that "retardant" is no longer socially acceptable? Please use "flammably-challenged" from now on.


@mdctreeguy: It's not so much plastic bottles but it is plastic objects in general. And that's fact, not propaganda. They're caught up in the gyres.

As for single use plastic bottles, the US goes through about 40 billion per year with our recycling rate of about 28%. that leaves an enormous amount in the streets and the landfills.

The other issue people are generally unaware of is that these bottles and plastic, in general, is made from liquid petroleum gases, natural gas liquids, and natural gas. Specific to the petroleum, we use about 191 million barrels annually or about 2.7% of US oil consumption. To give you a frame of reference, we consume about 20 million barrels of oil per day (do the math for the year) while only producing about 60% of it ourselves and importing the rest from about 80 countries, hence the concern on national security and dependency on foreign oil.