dealstaiff professional hair dryer or flat iron for…


Geez, for $70 I should hope they'd at least include the shipping!
I think I paid about $10 or $12 for the hairdryer I've been using for probably 10 years.


This is a professional hair dryer. Not the $20 Conair you get at Wal-Mart. Next cheapest I found online was $119.


@donslin: Everything on that site is free shipping. You can't compare a $15 dryer from Walmart to a professional dryer! Hair stylists pay upwards of $200 for a good hair dryer. This is a chance for non professionals to have a high quality hair dryer/flat iron for home use for a steal. Both of these products are over 40% off.. Great deal.


nice to see all the tards down voting for no reason on a good deal.


I guess I just don't get it.
If it's an appliance that blows warm air to dry your hair, what's the difference in it to make it worth any more than my $15 WalMart dryer?
Mine has 3 heat settings and a diffuser so I can adjust it as needed.


@donslin: This one has a reinforced cord, safety thermostat, and weighs almost a pound less than the average consumer-level dryer, which is good when trying to blow-straighten shoulder-length or longer hair.

I'm not in because my hair is above my ears and I don't blow-dry unless it's below zero.