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I am sorry but I will never understand why someone would buy prescription glasses online.

I have been wearing glasses for over 20 years and between the fitting of the frames to making sure the power of the lenses are correct and everything in between this seems to be something that needs to be done in person. Any issues will require sending them back, waiting for the company to receive them and fix the problems, mailing them back to you and, once you get them back, hoping the problems were completely resolved. You run the risk of the frames looking different in person than they do on your computer screen and the frames not looking like you thought they would on your face.

And if you wear bi-focal or progressive glasses it becomes more difficult if not done in person.


I buy glasses all the time on the internet. Kids with low prescriptions that wear contacts and only need them for backup...reading glasses with a slight curve in one eye so can't buy from drugstore...distance which is off after lasik only enough to need them on dark rainy days to drive. I agree if you have something special, this does not work, but for minor eye issues, they are the ticket.


@johnabailey: I understand your points but how do you deal with making sure the frames fit and look?