dealsthor (two-disc blu-ray/dvd combo + digital copy…


It got a lot of hate, but I loved this film.


I bought this and another Blu-ray/DVD for the same price with free shipping for less than $20. CHA-CHING!


just once I want amazon to list something I want for $10.01 or $15.01 so us non-Prime'ers can get free shipping at exactly $25 of merchandise


@nflemming2004: When you're off by the penny, that's when you find the $1 classical music CD. It's less than the cost of shipping!


@sutcliffe: we watched all the pre Avengers movies before Avengers came out and Thor was most improved by a second viewing. Branagh really got the balance right.


@rmsalt: Go to Best Buy, it's $10 there, and you don't have to buy anything else to get free shipping!