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60 days of free BJ's?! Sign me up!


Little Warning: BE PREPARED!!

When you get there they will very convincingly try to get you to sign up for a full membership at a discount rate.

They will tell you that you'll get fourteen months instead of 12 (which is actually just including the free 60 days), and get $10 off membership fees.

If you don't want to spend money on membership, and only want to use the free 60 days, psyche yourself up before you go!! Tell yourself not to fall into their sales pitches!!


@shalomp: BJ's is the same as Costco or Sam's Club. I have been shopping at membership warehouses for decades and they are definitely worth it in the long-term.


Paying to shop at a store?



@shalomp: it is true, they do try to push the paid membership onto you. but that's their job, so expect it and be firm if you actually don't want it yet. you'll have time to decide after you see what they have to offer, for FREE.

btw, also be careful when they take your pic. my BJs store uses a hand scanner lazer to take the pic. i was surprised and blinded. my friend went later and he was warned to look at the guy's forehead (away from the light)