dealscloseout jewelry decent quality genuine tanzanite…


just the kind of glowing description I'm looking for when buying jewelry... "DECENT" quality.


@kamikazeken: It's all about setting expectations that are kinda ok.


2.1 mm of tanzanite is 0.0826772 of an inch!!!


Not even worth the shipping


Is this the jewelry deal site based out of Hawaii? If so, then "decent" is probably about right, or maybe even an overstatement.

I got some earrings a while back. The quality of the stones were not nearly what the picture or descriptions represented (flaws visible to the naked eye. Color not as deep as advertised.) They were "decent" for the price, but I would have appreciated that bit of honesty back then. Maybe the listing today is their effort to correct that oversight in the past.

Also beware. While you can easily unsubscribe for the mailing list, my inbox got a flood of spam from questionable sources not long after buying from them that I have not had any luck getting rid of. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe not. The timing is suspect, however.


Does anyone really think they are getting jewelry of any value what so ever for $13.99?