dealsbluetooth™ music receiver for $14.60 + shipping


So, which is it?

According to their video, the USB port is used to charge your phone/MP3 player, but according to their specs - "USB A female port for powering the receiver from any USB power source" ?

If I can power the receiver from the USB port, then I can use it in my car, but since it's a female A port, I'm inclined to believe that it's for powering other devices and not being powered itself...


Several reviews said the USB port didn't have enough oomph to charge the reviewer's phone.

It is possible, perhaps even likely, that the USB port is hooked directly to the 5 volt power rail inside the module, In which case, you could backfeed power into the device and run it in your car. Even if it works, the suckage would be great.


I haven't tried charging my phone with this. However, I have it installed in my car. I did exactly what hamjudo said. I bought a USB A Male -> USB A Male and plugged it into my existing USB charger.

Then, I took my aux in and plugged it into the device. It works fairly well. A few notes:

1) Sometimes my phone (Galaxy Nexus) doesn't connect to it for some reason -- toggling bluetooth on the phone helps. My wife's iPhone picks it up every time, so it may just be my phone.
2) You can pair the receiver with multiple devices, but only one at a time can be connected. Disconnecting the phone has to be initiated from the phone that is currently connected. If only one of the phones is present, then that phone will connect.
3) It produces acceptable sound, but expect radio-quality bass/treble ... not CD quality.