dealsinfamous collection at best buy for $14.99 + freeā€¦


If anyone is on the fence thinking about this, I played the first Infamous on the PS3 and really enjoyed it. I played through once as a good guy, and liked it so much I played again as a bad guy. Haven't started 2 yet. If I hadn't bought both separately, I'd be all over this.


@frinky: I agree. I really enjoyed the first one too.


even though games show as available for in store pickup, they are actually not available in my area and nowhere near my area .... looks like a a special made just for clicks


@superattorney: Agreed. None of the Best Buy stores in Los Angeles have it.

Edited to update: Just tried the Best Buys in the 10 largest cities in the US and none available for in store pick-up. I would declare this deal dead.


Now available to ship to store for pick-up. Found it in store already in NJ too.


As of 5:15 PM EST. This deal is still available for FREE shipping. Not available in any stores in my area in the Midwest.


If you can't find it in store, you can always do shipping. Free shipping over $25 or add $1.99 under $25. Still not bad.


Do you guys work for Best Buy? These items do NOT show up as being available for shipping. They show as being only available for pickup from store and then they are not available at all in any store that I was able to find (I've checked many areas).

Stop confusing potential buyers as you're only wasting their time.


The only place I show it available even remotely near me is Dothan, Al. Both are amazing games though and this is a hell of a deal. If I didn't own them already I'd probably make the trip.


@superattorney: I wish I worked for them. I hear tale of sweet discounts and first dibs on items. Anywho, I had to add to cart, proceed to checkout, THEN select the shipping option. It was totally sold out at every store within a 50 mile radius of me and I live in city. This may be a region by region thing, though. I've had mixed results before.


Best Buy are assholes for doing this. All they are doing is fucking over their competition by making them price match. FYI I pricematched this at Target with NO problems.