dealsreal bacon bits 1 pound can for $13.35


This is cool I guess, but isn't it way cheaper to just fry up a pound of bacon and then crumble it yourself?


plus $7.57 shipping to Ohio, $20/lb is like 5 or 6 times the price of raw bacon at the grocery store.


@histumness: I've tried to do it myself. Inevitably I just end up with half a pound of crumbled bacon and a big smile on my face.


@edventure: Ha! So true. But for this price you could fry 5 pounds of bacon, eat as much as you can, and still probably have over a pound left over to make bits out of.

What I'm getting at is, I'm sure there's an amount that I'd be willing to pay as a premium for having my bacon pre-cooked and crumbled for convenience. I'm just also sure that premium doesn't amount to 5 times the cost of uncooked bacon.


Have you ever weighed your bacon after you cook it? It's about 4 oz.


Don't forget about the time and mess you make doing it yourself.
Do you work for free? I don't. It's cheaper to pay the premium to order this and then the amount of time that I spend before enjoying it is the time it takes to bust out the can opener.

Mmmmm. Bacon. In for the dozen.


Does anybody know anything about the retailer? Some of their other offerings are pretty decent, but I don't want to sink money into a poor reputed site.


Avast's websense indicated it was ok, but based on a small number of votes.
They're part of the BBB Online program and your credit card might has some sort of purchase satisfaction guarantees.

Are you really worried about $20?


It's cheaper and tastier than gold.