dealsdead island game of the year edition for xbox 360…


Is this game good? I heard that it wasn't.


@bucketofnails88: It was apparently good enough for someone to name it "Game of the Year." :) I'm not sure what the criteria is for being able to call it that (there probably is none), but it did get pretty favorable reviews. Most reviewers gave it about an 8 out 10. That means it is at least above average.


I bought this when it was originally released, without all the extras which I paid for on XBL Marketplace. This is the best of the zombie genre games for both consoles. The amount of time spent playing this game (can be) mind-boggling.

The game is deep in story and activities, side missions, etc. Highly recommend.


definitely worth it, especially if you're into killing zombies


@wnyx585am: But remember, It's not a shooter. You will get guns but it's a primarily first person melee game.


I'm just mad I missed this on amazon's lightning deal yesterday... Now I have to pay tax and shipping.

Still a good deal - thanks for posting!