dealswhetstone katana with red dragon tsuba and…


For $25, I'm guessing you don't want to rely on this for the zombie apocalypse.


"10.5 inch Handle composed of Imitation Fish Skin"
Before today I never knew that was a thing. Wonder if it's related to Naugahyde?

This is probably a half decent display piece at best. Similar items can probably be found at your local flea market for a comparable price. I wouldn't think this would be suitable for the housecat apocalypse, much less zombies.


would this be considered an Assault Weapon?


@mojo691: See that? It's because of him that I can't get any girls to play "Just the tip" anymore.


@frontxxrunner I suppose you could always ask them if they want to help you find a saya for your purple Murasame...


I'm curious as to the quality of the metal. Obviously for $25 I wouldn't expect too much, but it's good to know.


Appears to be this model:
Surprisingly good reviews, and a decent deal as well!
I'm impressed that it's full tang, with mekugi pegs.
Who knows, might be a fun toy...