dealscall of duty: black ops for $25.99 + free shipping


Didnt like it... went back to modern warfare 2 shortly after i bought it. Good for zombies though...


LOOKS VERY SHADY... Do not want.


@luadak: For all wha have concerns ordering from here u have about 20 deals from them posted on woot.
Lots of discussion and quite few people confirming that they got what they paid for, nobody saying that anything went wrong, U can always pay with paypal whats giving u extra protection.
Im buying from them for 3 months now got 6 games and im very happy with customer service, 90% of time answer within minutes and all orders processed very fast to. Once i had to wait almost 24h, but it was worth i saved $25. All i can say about this site. Hopely u will make right choice and happy holidays!


I really wish this game had been better.


It says Digital Download. You would be better off buying a used disc that can be sold to someone when you are ready to stop playing.

The game is awesome, especially Zombie mode.