dealswall/railing mount solar lights (set of 2) for…


do not EVER buy from Heartland- they are ridiculous. The sold my name to everyone and started calling me first monthly, which became weekly, which became DAILY trying to sell me their extra gimmicky stuff- insurance programs, special savers club membership, and other programs all the while either saying I initiated the inquisition for the service or politely taking my request for them not to call me and ignoring it. I got to the point after months of harassment, I contacted a lawyer and began informing them when they called that my lawyer advised me to log all their calls and that their continued calling was harassment. After compiling for 2 weeks and telling them that at each call they finally stopped calling and stopped mailing me catalogs.

It took the threat of a harassment lawsuit to get them to leave me alone, not to mention most of their products were refurbishment items that broke on me the week following the warranty expiring.


Order processing is $1.99 you gotta love that...
they charge you to order something?
i bet this place is like fingerhut....


@rroberto: So are you suggesting that they implement self-destruct features to be initiated exactly one week after the warranty expires?