dealschewy brownie pan for $4.78


I must admit, I more than half expected this to be Chewbacca shaped brownies.


^I clicked because the thumbnail looked like a picture of bacon strips.


Lol. The last post I looked at was a Darth Vader spatula. I totally thought the same was going to be Chewbacca shaped brownies.


i thought the middle was chewy and the edges were crisp

that pan looks like poop logs

i will pass lol


@fit410s: Maybe it includes instructions to subtract 10 minutes from the suggested cooking time.


Has anyone bought this yet? I think this would be a great alternative to the 30 dollar "all edges" brownie pan.


i can see it now. the bake sales will sell brownies by the foot


Why the idea that the edge of the brownie is even worth eating? We throw the edges away and just eat the center. Brownies should be soft and fudgie, not crisp and nasty.


I've read of folks using this type of pan to make three flavors of lasagna for variety or picky families in the same pan. This puts it ahead of the zig-zag pattern brownie edge pan for me.


I hate brownie crust. Same with that stupid lasagna pan.


"No more burnt edges or gooey centers!"

You just talked yourself right out of a sale.


@ncase: I think you are probably the only person who hasn't made a joke or missed the point here.

Folks, the edges are usually crispy because if you only bake a pan of brownies long enough to make the edges soft and delicious the middle will still be liquid, so you bake long enough to make the middle delicious and the edges nasty.


@pserpas: I always take the corner pieces myself, but then again I always grab the ends or edge pieces of most pan cooked food. Maybe I prefer hard and rigid over soft in my hand..(grabs brownie tray)..I'll be in my bunk.


Picked one up.

I really, really hope it comes in time for Christmas.