dealsfree pair of glasses from coastal contacts® for…


I got free glasses from Coastal Contacts and this is legit. I got a pair of glasses with a $98 frames for the cost of shipping and handling which was around $13.50.

Any upgrades on lenses you have to pay for, but the frames are definitely free. As long as you don't add anything to the lenses the whole order will be free except for shipping.


Ray-Bans don't work with any coupon codes. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something else.


I got a pair 2 or 3 deals back, and I really like them. I upgraded the lenses to the second best ones and it was still only $33. The frames I got were Kenneth Coles, so not cheapos by any stretch of the imagination.


Can you just get the frames with no lenses?


@minkeygirl7: I don't know, but you could always just order a pair and take the lenses out yourself.

Why would you want to do this though?