dealssherlock holmes: a game of shadows: video rental…


Better to check out the outstanding BBC series "Sherlock," set in present day and created by Steven Moffatt of Dr. Who fame. Each episode, 90 minutes, plays like a movie and is, surprisingly, faithful to the original stories.


@dupedyetagain: And not to mention much, much......much better than this dreck. I couldn't finish this piece of garbage. It's like Guy Ritchie got remarried to Madonna before he made it.


Also the "Wrath of the Titans", new sequel to the Clash.... available thru Sunday


I liked the movie although I did not get to see the ending because my internet died just before the end of the movie first night when I rented from Vudu and tried to watch the end the next night and tried too late. I may have to take up this 99 cent rental on amazon but it would only be in SD not HD at that price.


I see Lockout is $0.99. Any good, wooters?


I just checked out Sherlock Season 1 from my local library! Your recommendation is one of many I've heard.

Also, Linda Holmes on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour says Benedict Cumberbatch is "the most British name EVER."