dealsking of queens-complete series box set with bonus…


I was just about to post this nice find. Good show too


King of Queens complete series? Why don't you buy Doogie Houser MD the complete series or Dynasty the complete series while you're at it? This show was worthwhile on a weekly basis but has absolutely no wisdom to yield as a full release.


If this is like the one I bought from amazon the only drawback is that it isn't packaged very well. This is possibly why they sell it for so cheap. There are basically a bunch of disks stacked on top of each other without any spacing between them. This makes it difficult to find the next disk that you want to watch. It also has the potential of damaging the disks overtime because they are just DVDs and they will scratch easily. I've been looking for an option to remedy this with my set to separate the DVDs but I haven't thought of anything yet. Just wanted to inform people because I know I like to have all the info up front. Still worth the money for this.