dealsalien anthology [blu-ray]: for $19.99


This set will be $19.99 at Best Buy next week, and hopefully Amazon will price match. I would hold off, even though this is a great set.


I just want to say this set is great. It includes the theatrical cut and extended cuts for each. It's SO worth it just for Alien and Aliens, but I also found the extras for Alien3 (A wooden planet?) amazing. Hours of documentaries. Great Xmas gift. Have not seen it cheaper in Black Friday ads.


Wow, it's cheaper than the Amazon UK price for once!
Looking at about $30 over there!


definitely in for one! good price on 3 great movies, and 1 free coaster (Alien Resurrection, which was an abomination)


@fez: Yea.... That's what this link is o.o


@laspyra: It was $25 earlier. I added it to my cart when it was, bit didn't buy it. I went back later to buy it, and there was a notice that it had dropped to $19.99.

If you bought @ $25, email Amazon and I bet they'll refund the $5.


Am I crazy? Wasn't this $25 earlier today for the lightning deal?