dealsati firepro v5700 3d graphics card for $84.99…


Checked for Diablo 3, it is supported card, but in the low range


@linkkoh: This is more for CAD designers, not gamers. I may be in for one for a card that needs to be replaced at work.


Seems to sell for 99.99 on the Amazon overlords site... only 2 reviews.


Wonder how well this will crunch numbers on my eco-FTP server for grid-computing purposes...


500 error if I go to Woot! directly but I can see from the bar on top of this deal that today's Woot! is a laptop.


it has 2 displayport and 1 DVI, which basically means you can hook it up to.....nothing at all.


Eh... to add to what @deezil said:
If you're just going to use this for gaming, it is basically a Radeon 4650 GPU. You can save some money by going with Radeon 5570 or 6570. Those are $20 to $30 cheaper than this, and probably a bit faster in most situations. Just don't buy a GPU with a 64 bit bus.


@spyder69696969: Well, this thing is not meant for gaming the way the Radeon 4650 is. The FireGL cards are programmed with routines that promote the accurate and quick drawing of lines, circles, arcs , etc...CAD line work. The Radeon gaming series focus more on triangles, shading, etc...more for character rendering with the linework routines turned off in hardware.


umm, look at those ports. I have yet to find anything that takes a display port plug, no hdmi at at all. Maybe like some have said this is "just perfect" for some arcane specialist task, but for most people it'd be crap, probably crap that you'd have to go get a special adaptor or cord from monoprice to even make work with what you have. (if you have any monitors or tv's to hook up built in the last few years)


Video card n00b here. This seems like a rather low end card. How much improvement would it give to an i7 Sandy Bridge powered machine? Casual gaming, nothing more.


Adapter is "only" $27 at Newegg. lol.

About $7 at monoprice, depending on what you're looking for.


@spyder69696969: I just replaced a burned out old card with one a few days ago. It's smaller, faster and uses less power than the one I replaced. Not to mention being cheaper after rebate. I was pretty amazed at how well it worked for the price and would definitely recommend it over this deal.


@spyder69696969: DVI to HDMI cables are like 2 bucks, if that.



What's wrong with the ports? Can you not use DVI? It also comes with a DVI to D-sub adapter, and you can buy a DVI to HDMI adapter for about $2 on Amazon...



For casual gaming, for the same price you can get a GTX 460 or Radeon 6770 which will perform MUCH better in gaming than this gpu.

Essentially, in very basic terms, a gaming card is focused on rendering stuff very fast, while this card is more focused on being extremely accurate.


@syninthecity: @tp546:

My lord you two are ignorant. This is for high end video work, or it was back in its day.
Every monitor i've ever had since 2001 has had a DVI-D port, and DP can be adapted to darn near anything, besides the fact that you can commonly find it on the high-end monitors these two were envisioned using.

Go get a 6770 for Call of Duty.


@docmphd: Totally depends on which IGP your particular CPU has, but as has been said, in general you can get a much better gaming GPU for less. A GT430 will play lower end stuff and is cheap.


This could be good for drawing stuff, but it is not a high performance card for gaming and is a bit expensive for the performance it offers. The processor on the card is seems to be Radeon 4650, with 416 GFLOPS (the most accurate measure of card performance). In comparison, offers over 1000 GFLOPS and in the same price range. I am using it right now and it performs admirably with very high resolution and detail settings in contemporary games such as WOT and Diablo 3. In general, whenever you are in doubt when buying a video card check this page and this one and compare the GFLOP figures.


@riothero: I was talking about a displayport to HDMI adapter, not DVI to HDMI.


Another video card noob:

Is this a good card for graphic design software? Like, adobe CS5.5 and CS6 master suites (including photoshop, fireworks, etc.). I just purchased a new computer to run those programs, but it has an "integrated video card" I've been looking for a new one.


I have HP monitors at work with Display Ports on them. I hate them. First of all they are buggy. I don't know if it's just the monitors, but Display Port is very slow to detect when switching inputs. Also, they behave more like a USB device than a monitor in that when you connect it or power it on, windows give the "connected device" sound and activates it. Why this is bad? Well sometimes it causes errors on boot-up, but also if you are using multiple monitors, Windows automatically configures your desktop to one monitor when you disconnect it or even just power it off. I don't want this.

I want my monitors to work like monitors and don't (profanity) with my settings if I power off a monitor for whatever reason.


ok did some quick lookups on benchmarks. long story short; you can get a 6770 for the same price on newegg and get slightly more power out of it.


sigh...... so now deals doesnt change every day as well -1 for new design..


This is not a gaming card.
Do not buy this card for gaming.
Do not compare specs to gaming cards, this is not a gaming card.
This card is for CAD and 3D design.
A proper comparison would be to an nVidia Quadro FX 1700, not a GForce anything, not a Radeon anything.
here is one such comparison:

j5 j5

This is not a good card for distributed computing projects (BOINC) as it is only certified as OpenCL 1.0.

Einstein@Home and others require OpenCL 1.1 support or higher.