dealscraftsman heavy duty neverkink self-straightening…


Read the negative reviews before buying and see if they bother you. Made me decide against it - your mileage may vary.


Just planted about 25 trees this weekend. PERFECT timing! Ran out to my local Sears and picked up the 3 they had left. Funny thing though is the rang up as $33.99. I had to argue with the guy and show him the deal on my phone to get it down to $19.99. It worked though!


@bigelowb: There are 22 5 star reviews and 8 4 star reviews. There are 5 one star reviews. I chalk that up to there were three defective hoses and two morons that do not know how to use a hose.


@coondogg97: Perhaps, but if there's any reasonable chance it won't work well on a hose reel, it's not for me.


I've had one for awhile and it actually works. No kinks or water-crimp no matter how I run it.


I have one, no issues with using a hose reel. The "neverkink" claim is bs though.


I have 2 50 ft of this hose. Used them all summer an I have no complaints.they do have a full replacement for life if they become defective. I would think they would work on a reel. They are not any stiffer than a regular kinky hose.


It kinks... It's a good hose, and flow might not go to 0% at kinkage, but it drops to about 5% which might as well be nothing.


I've got several premium "neverkink" hoses that I got from OSH (Sears subsidiary). When new, they were awesome. As they aged, they slowly degraded down to really good hoses. Now they're about 5 years old, and they're starting to kink regularly and the outside jacket of one just split.

I feel like I got my money's worth out of them, but "never" is a bit of overstatement.

Oh, and -- oddly -- the one that my Better Half keeps running over in the driveway is not the one that split.


i have no clue about quality of Craftsman Hose but as one said it was posted as $19.99 on Sears site yet when tried to order it came up regular price/when on chat line still posted on sale she said regular price not on sale for $19.99 a few minutes later another on chat said well its past midnight now on sale now and this was soon after it was on the woot site and still now marked $19.99 on Sears site.
No more Sears for on out .


Sorry last part was Sorry its notv on sale now its past midnight.