dealsnfl, mlb, nhl and college scoreboard desk clocks…


No size information? Desk clock so it's small but how small? How does it know the temperature? Inside temp or outside temp? This company need to get its basic act together first.

Edit: found on the Toronto Blue Jays this = 6.5"x9" (nine inches is a wide desk clock if they are all the same).

Now I want to know AC or DC?


So if hours is Home and minutes is Visitors, most of the time the home team is losing....


The licensed scoreboard desk clocks have up to date logos (yea might want to strike that from any teams that recently won a championship after 2010)


If they looked like the actual scoreboard in the team's home stadium it might be interesting. Instead it is a scoreboard template with the team's logo slapped on it.


The baseball ones look especially dumb.


This is Jamie from Fans With Pride. I'm going to answer your questions today.

First off, these are 6.5"x9" and act as a great alarm clock or desk decoration. They simply plug into the standard wall outlet.

Second, these are the most up to date models that have been made. All current championships should be reflected in all models. These are popular officially licensed clocks at the best price anywhere on the web.

Let me know what else needs to be answered. Thanks!


This item is 32.95 on this site, but when you add the coupon, the site displays 40.95 pre-taxed. Though a nice item that's a big"NO" for me. Either coupon doesn't work or site doesn't recognize it. Bad woot!


Cool, so Alabama and Texas both won the National Championship in 2009.


@markriddle: The coupon works, I just tested it.


Order over $40 and you get an $8 discount:

Subtotal $43.90
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Discount (Free Shipping on $40 or More, WOOTCLOCK) -$8.00
Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $35.90
Tax $0.00
Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $35.90

This was $32.95 for the clock & $10.95 for a Mailbox Cover Flair Gift Set


@markriddle: I Wootie Poo, how could I have been so wrong. My copy paste must have been corrupted. Tried the coupon code on the site again using 'c & p' and got nowhere, simply transposed it and now I have a great gift for my favorite Alabama fan for xmas and at the price advertise. Can we forget it all and make up???


this add on deals.woot says use code get 50% off, but if you use code you do not get 50% off, i'd be in for one at $20.00 or under delivered, but nothing higher than that. they look nice, but not worth the extra money, at least to me.... no offense to anyone else, maybe i'm just cheap :-/


Is the Alabama clock on sale because there is a possibility of it being outdated if Alabama wins a 14th championship in upcoming game?
I didn't see the 50% off. I'd be willing to chance being out of date for $20 (gift for son.)
Ah, I see. They mean 50% off their retail price. It is also interesting that the photo showed an Alabama clock, but the coupon indicates any team clock. Guess it had nothing to do with the upcoming championship after all.