dealstoshiba 1tb usb 3.0 portable hard drive for $49…


Thanks for posting! We've been searching for a good deal on these all day!


MBLBF52 - 5% Off Purchase When You Shop On Your Mobile Device. Exp 11/29/2013


I got the same one from AMZ on Wed for $40 ...
I got it today already!

They went on sale today for an extra $10. Go figure.
(Same as this deal but with 2 day prime.)


This was one of the items on my list for the holiday season. Seemed like a good enough deal to go ahead and pull the trigger. Thanks OP


Saw it, bought it.
No rebate, no long lines, saved some money, saved some time!


Thanks for the post. My seagate had died and needed a replacement. Also saw their 50 ct. DVD DL on sale ($5 off along with a $2 promo discount)


I would not recommend Toshiba HDD's to anyone. I've already had two that have died on me within a matter of months, one being an external similar to this one and the other an internal in my laptop.


I've had the exact opposite experience with toshiba drives. I have a 500gb drive from 3 or 4 years ago that's had tons of use and is still going strong.