dealshaggar herringbone striped suit separates for $20…


@joemarfice- there is black and grey also, on the right hand side of the screen.

Am I missing something, or are these pants only? I sorta like the jacket.


@baz123: There are some jackets but they are $40. Still not a bad price. I've only found 2, one slim fit one straight fit


@baz123: I think the jackets are sold out. Also, not many sizes left for the slacks.


Very good deal on a decent cheap suit.

I'd buy one but I'd rather not look like Curly Howard. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk


Yeah on the right will be links to other colors and the jackets. The jackets are $40 but the coupons work on it. is the matching jacket.

So $60 - 15% coupon = $51.00 suit. Not a bad deal all in all. Get two suits for $102 + free shipping.