dealscertified pre-owned nook color™ for $135.00…


This is an awesome deal! I've had one of these rooted and running CM7 for a few months now and I LOVE it!


+1 to the root and CM7. Awesome!


Picked one of these up a few weeks back at a few bucks cheaper, and I love it (running CM7). Seriously considering buying about 5 more for friends and family.


Can I get Hulu Plus on this? I know I can on the Tablet, since it's preloaded, but I couldn't find the app to download it for this one... anyone know?


I can confirm that this is an awesome deal. Like everyone else, running CM7 and love it!


For those of you recommending CM7 -- note that there's also CM9 builds being cranked out, for those who want to take the plunge into ICS. It really takes the tablet to a whole new level.