dealscraftsman 2-1/4 ton floor jack & stand set for…


Craftsman jacks are notoriously defective and blow seals. Much better off getting a higher rated jack for the same money at Harbor Freight.


Well, for whatever it's worth, I've had a Craftsman 4 ton jack for over 5 years now and it's still rock solid. I bought a Pittsburg one from Harbor Freight when I needed a 2nd jack to lift a 38 foot 5th wheel last year and it's already leaking. When Harbor Freight advertised the same jack on Facebook and I gave it a bad review in the comments, my comment was removed shortly after (and other bad reviews).


@desynergy: too funny, I just replaced my bad craftsman with a Pittsburg from HF. :-)


I have both also. They are about the same quality, as both are made in china.