dealspanasonic dmc-gx1 (body only) for $229.99 + free…


Here is a very detailed review of the camera at Digital Photography Review (DP Review), from Feb/2012:

My concern is perhaps silly, depending on your level of experience. The lenses have a limited market and are a bit more expensive than similar items in other mounts. Having invested in lenses for both a Canon and Pentax DSLR, it annoys me that there is not an adapter or a design that considers lens compatibility. However someone without that prior investment would do well to consider this. It is attractive to me, in spite of the lens issue.


I don't know much about dslr or lenses but I read that camera is the standard for four thirds. would this adaptor work to use other manufacturers lenses?


@nfauteux: You need to get an adapter that matches the mount of your lens. For example, if you had a Pentax lens (which pretty much all pentax ever made, except for the Q and older than 1960s, uses the k-mount), you would have to purchase this adapter,

The main problems with using adapters is that you lose all control of things like autofocus and aperture control, so you need to mount a lens with an aperture ring unless you want to shoot at it's widest aperture. The other issue is that smaller m4/3 sensors have a crop factor (this camera's is 2X). This means that if you mount a 50mm lens, the actual focal length will be 100mm. This can come in handy if you want an inexpensive long telephoto because a 300mm would turn into a 600mm for significantly less than a 600mm lens.


I agree that the sensor is pretty appealing. I have the G1 and this would be a great upgrade. However, I would miss the viewfinder and articulated screen of that camera.
You should be aware that Panasonic put their lens stabilization in the lenses of their m4/3 cameras, not the body.
So, basically you'd be getting a sensor and a touchscreen but no image stabilization, viewfinder, or articulated viewscreen. That's enough for me to pass, and I own the right lenses. I'm really not sure it would be a good purchase if you had to buy an adaptor and lose the autofocus capabilities, too.
Hope that helps.


@bione: [smile] If I mentioned that my other cameras include a Canon Powershot and a G11, you'll realize I am also a fan of viewfinders and view screens on a stalk. I was trying to call attention to the fact that the Panasonic lenses represent an investment. A photographer just entering the market might find the body a worthy choice. But when you have a bag of lenses, you like having interchangeable bodies.

The compact cameras for me are handy/essential for many snap-&-shoot cases. The best camera is the one you have in your hand or pocket when some images pop up. the 4/3 cameras fit the bill as pocket-ware. Still, I wish I could use hem as a spare back on my other lenses.

FYI -- I love using my old, full-frame 35mm lenses on the DSLR at times. The old 300mm, f4.0 gives great nature pics at long range. The f1.8, 50 mm makes a nice portrait lens and in low light. Manual focus is still a natural step for me.