deals2k mega pack [download]: 9 video games for $18.75


Really great deal! Been wanting to pick up a few of these titles, and the code works too!! Civ5+ Surface Pro here we go


I am trying to stop playing any game but Rocksmith...this makes it so hard.
Ha the joke is on you I already used the CAGROCKS code.... Shoot just remembered I have 2 amazon accounts.


Combine this with a pre-order of Bioshock Infinity. You get a $15 off coupon for 2k games. I just tried this and got the collection for $4.01


The code doesn't work. This is just lame.


This makes no sense! The total INDIVIDUAL price is $180. The price for the pack without the code is $249.89?!


Both the coupon code and the bundle price expired at midnight.

@freeplaypsp: When Amazon puts together a limited-time bundle, they use the retail prices rather than their normal or current sale prices for the valuation. When the sale on the bundle ends, that's the price it goes to. It's then usually deleted from their system within a day or two.


I already own half of these on Steam...but at this price I may buy them anyway...and give the codes fo the other games to friends.


Expired. now it's over $100... :-(


Wow. This deal, the dead space dual pack, and the mass effect trilogy all expired after only a few hours of me finding them. Well, I guess you snooze you lose.